Personalized Intertwined Heart Bracelet 💞

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Make a statement with the Intertwined Heart Bracelets 💞

  • Your personal style should tell your story, everyone's else is already taken 
  • Here at The Senset, we help you tell it your way 
  • We believe jewelry should be meaningful and personal, it has to make you feel good about who you are, and made to last, so you can keep what matters close 
  • Name necklaces are a must for every fashionable individual
  • They have a fun and personalized feel to them 
  • In addition, The Intertwined Heart Bracelets are versatile enough for everyday wear 
  • Don't be afraid of being yourself and showing the world who you really are 
  • Slip them on alone or layer them up for a bolder look 


1. A design-your-own bracelet that represents the bond with your loved one 

2. Make it EXTRA special and personalize it! This Pendant provides space for up to 2 names  ✨

3. Handcrafted in solid sterling by the most skilled artisans. Enhanced with a fine layer of rhodium plating, a member of the platinum family of precious metals, for maximum shine and beauty ✨

4. After you complete your purchase. You will receive an "Order Confirmation" email (check your spam folder if you can't find it) 

5. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to confirm all order; making sure photo and texts is good to go. We will contact you if your photo needs to be changed. Otherwise we will go ahead and start creating your product!  Please allow 5 - 7 business days after confirmation for production 

6. We will send out a notification again when your tracking number is ready 

7. If you have other question, don't hesitate on contacting us. Your wish is our command 

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